Carry On




CARRY ON is an ESPN producer's story of how an extraordinary friendship between two high school wrestlers from Cleveland, Ohio evolved into an unlikely family.

A heartfelt memoir that grips you from the first page and pulls at your soul until the end.
— Steve Eubanks, New York Times bestselling author of All American

A Story about How Three People Entered Each other's lives and Never Left

Greetings from Dartanyon, Leroy, and me. I'm Lisa Fenn, the author of CARRY ON, and we are so glad you found us, and we hope you stay a while. There is so much you can do: read the book, share it with your friends, read more about us, find me on Facebook, and learn more about the Carry On Education Trust.

CARRY ON will inspire anyone up against long odds, embolden those wanting to become agents of change, and captivate those looking for a gripping underdog sports story. It is a memoir that weaves the complexities of poverty, disability, race, and family into a tender tale of redemption.  Above all, it demonstrates the change we can bring when we are willing to enter into another’s world.